Code, Layers, Infrastructures

Collectively imagining alternative tools of navigation

Code, Layers, Infrastructures
Code, Layers, Infrastructures

Code, Layers, Infrastructures (2020) is a workshop by Loren Britton, Kamran Behrouz, Isabel Paehr and Jörn Röder that was developed for HKW’s The New Alphabet School at the Common Room in New Delhi, India.

Current centralized, entangled corporeal and governmental internet infrastructures tend towards exploitation and surveillance. By experimenting with embodying and coding networks that are decentral, anonymous, temporary, specific and/or collective, we contributed to the digital commons. Together, participants used the metaphor of the layer to question existing networked structures and to collectively imagine alternative tools of navigation. Starting from the everyday layers of computational networks, we went on a computational walk in the neighborhood and played through different network types and applications.

workshop photo in which the group plays a game with string

Playing a game about networks. Photo: Annette Jacob

the rule booklet for the network game that people played in the workshop

Rules for the network game. Photo: Annette Jacob

a talk on facial recognition with an avatar by Kamran Behrouz on a screen

Kamran Behrouz performs their avatar and discusses facial recognition technologies. Photo: Annette Jacob